Online Application

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Online Application

  • Learners details

  • Emergency contact

  • Parent/s, guardian or persons responsible for education of learner

  • Father's details

  • Mother's details

  • Person responsible for account

  • Terms & conditions: Enrollment fee, tuition fees, levies and charges

  • School fees are compulsory and are payable strictly in advance as per the attached Schedule of School Fees, payment options and extras. Paypal and PayFast platforms are available for payment.
  • The fee period is defined as the recommended time taken to complete a given Cambridge International syllabus. For the case of IGCSE and AS subjects, this time period is set at 18 months. For A level subjects, this is set at 24 months, but recommended at 30 months. Note that an A level subject will be charged as two AS level subjects as the AS subjects are just under half of an A level.
  • If a course is not completed in the recommended time, namely 18 months for and IGCSE and AS subject, the full fee will be required to repeat the subject. It is recommended to complete your subject in the allocated 18-month cycle, however if you may enrol for an additional 18-month cycle in order to complete the subject.
  • If the subject is a practical subject or has a practical component, then the following requirements must be met.
    • For IGCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics the alternative to practical paper will be written instead of the practical paper.
    • For AS/A Biology, Chemistry and Physics where there is no alternative to practical paper, the candidate must either:
      • write their practical paper at the I.V. School campus, or
      • organise with a local British Council to write their practical paper there.
    It is recommended that all candidates who will be writing a practical paper attend at least of the Winter/Summer school sessions to gain practical experience.
  • View our fee structure
  • I (parent/guardian) also understand the following (in addition to the terms and conditions already accepted):
    1. I have legal custody and/or guardianship in respect of the above mentioned named learner/s and I am entitled to sign this document and shall be bound hereto both as parent/guardian and in my personal capacity.
    2. In terms of family law, parents are jointly and severally liable for the payment of the fees irrespective of their marital status.
    3. In the event of non-payments, the School may sue both parents irrespective of maintenance and or/court orders which may exist between the parties.
    4. All fees are due in advance and will be paid in full for online registration and access to be processed.
    5. Any outstanding fees, for whatever reason, will result in online access being suspended until all fees are brought up to date.
    6. Fees are increased annually.
    7. I understand that the School reserves the right to verify all information supplied to them via this application. In the event of fraudulent documents submitted, the School reserves the right to lay a criminal charge of fraud against any of the parties to his application.
  • I have read and understood the terms and conditions of the Registration Form, the Code of Conduct and I undertake to adhere to the stipulations and requirements contained therein. The Constitution of The International Virtual School is available on request. I further hereby declare that the information which I have recorded in this form is true and correct and by my signature below, I give the Head of Centre or his/her designate permission to check and confirm any of the details listed by me. I understand that should any of the information supplied by me be found to be false; action may be taken against me.


Contact Info

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Fax: 458 761-9562

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